Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sophie Under Cover

I've been back in Arizona now for a couple of days. The first couple days back are always the hardest. I miss having my parents and Sophie around, though I don't miss not having much privacy and the constant allergy issues I seem to have when I'm around Sophie.

I have a few photos I took at the end of my trip that I didn't use for my Project 365 Photo Journal, so I'll be uploading them here. I decided to start with Sophie and her crazy antics.

We adopted Sophie from another family who originally got her in Hawaii. It's obvious that she loves the tropics because she craves the sun and being warm. She likes it so much that she'll do just about anything to stay warm in the winter. Now, keep in mind my parents live in San Diego so it's not like it's snowing outside.

Anyway, when she just can't get warm enough, she likes to burrow or hide under covers, blankets or anything that will keep here warm.

Here's a few pictures I took of her burrowed under a blanket on my parents bed. Obviously, you can't see anything but the lump, but she's there. We can always tell by the way the covers are disturbed and the lump. Also, if you touch call her name, she'll often meow at you from under the blanket.

The night before I left, I caught her trying to burrow under the blanket on my parents sofa. After her first try, she gave up because the blanket was falling off the sofa. I picked it up and she tried again, but she gave up because I think the leather under the blanket wasn't warm enough for her. I was able to catch a few of her tries as shown below:

She was not a happy kitty there at the end. Poor Sophie.

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