Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Out and About

I went out to the Otay Ranch shopping center with my mom today. I got lots of different pictures of various things, so it was pretty hard to decide which one to use for my daily photo journal. I decided to post the rest of them here!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

On the Road Yet Again...

I hit the road to visit my parents in San Diego. There are so many places along the drive that I'd like to stop to take photos, but it's not exactly safe most of the time. In fact on my way back to Avondale from my spring break visit, I decided that what I really needed was a camera mounted on my windshield (maybe on the other side of the rear-view mirror?) so I could just click a button and take a photo!

Anyway, just west of El Centro, the road winds through these rocky hills. The rock formations are so interesting, especially on the way down (from San Diego to El Centro). Unfortunately, there are no pull-off areas on the road down hill (and the roads each direction are totally separate).

On the road uphill (from El Centro into San Diego), however, there are many stops and pull-off areas. Why? Well, with the long, constant incline, it seems cars have a tendency to overheat, so they created a bunch of areas along the way where you can pull off the road and get water for your radiator.

The trip was a pretty dusty one (due to high winds), but once I got to the uphill climb outside of El Centro, the sky was pretty clear. I decided to pull off the road at one of the radiator water stations and take some photos. I was pretty careful, though, because I know it is still pretty dangerous. I stayed well off the road and didn't take any photos anytime a car was within sight.

I had more photos than I could use for my daily photo journal, so I figured I would post the photos here!

The view up the hill

This shot is one I took looking back down the hill. It caught my eye since I kept turning around to look for cars coming up the hill before taking my uphill shots. I was careful never to turn my back on an on-coming car.

Supremely Bad Blogger

Once again I have been a very bad blogger. I got the flu and it all just went down hill from there. I've been thinking about my blog, though! I have pictures to post, and will make sure to do it soon.

I also still plan to post my Cow Parade photos, but I still haven't gotten through them all. Stay tuned!