Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Photo Memorial

I haven't really talked about it much, but my uncle passed away just over a week ago. He had throat cancer back when I was in college, but beat it (with some lingering non-cancer related health issues due to the radiation that wiped out the cancer). It came back with a vengence just recently and the doctors couldn't do much.

Anyway, I'm posting some photos I took around campus at San Diego State as a tribute. He was a professor there and just recently retired (just before I started teaching there!)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

After Christmas Sunset

Here are some pictures of the sunset I took on December 26 from the backyard of my parents house.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Around the Yard...

Today I'm posting some photos I've taken recently around the backyard...

First, here are some shots of a Bird of Paradise:

Next, the pampass grass (really an out-of-control weed we just haven't gotten rid of):

The pampass grass in the light of the setting sun:

Some of the other trees in the light of the setting sun:

The Coral Tree which is pretty devoid of leaves at this time of year:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Catching Up on Photos!

I've been meaning to post these photos for a while, but I got distracted by my YouTube addiction and some other family things. I now have even more photos, so I'm just going to post the photos from before Christmas in this one post...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy 2007 everyone! Hope it's a great year for us all:)


Ah! I've discovered another addiction over the last few days: YouTube.

Yes, I know; I'm a bit late with the whole YouTube craze. I've spent hours searching for some of my favorite clips from TV shows and commercials and such. You may have noticed already, but there's more to come!

I found one thing and then one thing led to another and it became crazy! It even led me to a few video clips of commercials that I couldn't find on Yahoo. Since my last post was about commercials, I figured I would post the commercial info here (even though a lot of it isn't via YouTube and you'll have to click to go see the Quicktime movie...

Anyway, I fell in love with a few of the HP commercials a couple years ago. In my crazy YouTube hunt, I rediscovered the first one below (Out of the Picture) and it led me on a hunt for the other two linked below it (Picture Book).

Yeah, yeah, so it's not in English. It's the only one on YouTube. You can see the English version by clicking here or on the link

You can see the other two commercials at:

Oh and did I mention finding the commercials again resurrected the crush I had on the director (Francois Vogel) who is also in the commercials...sigh.