Monday, January 05, 2009

Project 365: Another Challenge (of sorts)

I heard about Project 365 at Angie's blog earlier today (well, yesterday now) and thought it was a great idea! Basically, the project challenges those involved to take a photo every day for 365 days and post them somewhere online. Read more about the project here (or by clicking on the project name at the beginning of the post). I'm joining in a few days late, so I had to go back and take photos that represent my first 3 days! There's still time if any of you would like to join.

Because it will be a daily thing, I've decided to start a separate photo blog ( for that project. I'm still planning to use this as my primary blog (both for photos and other regular posts). Knowing me, if I have to take 1 photo every day, I'll end up with a ton more that I can post here. I just didn't want to confuse the posts at this blog with my Project 365 posts.

In 2008, I really neglected my photography. I think it was the first year my camera bag actually had a chance to gather dust! And I've always wanted to keep a journal, but I'm just not good at writing every day. Hopefully by participating in this project, I'll end up with a great photo journal of 2009 and even the years after that.

Again, if you'd like to follow my Project 365 photo blog, you can find it here (

If any of you decide to join in, please let me know!

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