Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Embarrassing Moments... and other random stuff

Wow! Three days in a row now I'm posting. I think I'm getting addicted...yikes!

You may have noticed (though I highly doubt you have) that I changed the name of the blog from Random Thoughts to Random Ramblings. I have a thing for alliteration lately and "Random Thoughts" just wasn't quite doing it for me. The new title came to me as I was falling asleep last night (well, this morning really, but that's another topic) and I like it (for now). Anyway, on to the topic of the day.

Something I was thinking about today (randomly, of course) was: Can events you can't remember be your most embarrassing moment(s)? And no, I don't mean things I've done while in a drunken stupor. As I am quite proud of proclaiming, I have never been drunk. I mean things I did in childhood that my parents (and other adults) have decided to tell me about now that I've reached adulthood. To some they may not be embarrassing, and I've certainly told enough people about them, but I cannot believe I did some of these things.

For example, you know those assignments you get in first grade where you have to complete sentences by filling in the blank? Evidently, I once completed the sentence "Most of the time I feel ______" with the word "hungry." Needless to say, my parents were mortified. They figured the teacher would think they were starving me. I, for the life of me, can't remember ever doing it!

Another lovely example is my apparent obsession with bathrooms as a toddler. My mother claims I simply had to visit every bathroom I spotted or else I threw a fit. In a Sears store I once started loudly proclaiming that I needed to use the bathroom. I continued making a scene as my poor mother dragged me out of the store. She claims everyone around her was looking at her like she was the cruelest mother in history. What they didn't know was that I had already GONE to the bathroom just 5 minutes before on the other side of the store.

So what do you think? Can events you can't remember be your most embarrassing moment(s)? Or maybe it's having to HEAR about these events that's embarrassing. Hmmm...

It's a Miracle!

Ok, I planned to post this earlier, but lost track of time so here it is already after midnight! Oh well, I was planning to stay up to see Amos Lee on Carson Daily anway...But enough of that; on to the topic of the moment. My miracle...

I made it out of Costco last night and spent under $20!!! It's usually the other way around (I go in planning to spend $20 and end up spending $120). I put off the trip all day rationalizing that if I went close to closing time, I'd get in and out quicker. That's true, but I hate leaving things til the last minute. So I got to Costco at about 5 minutes after 8 and had 25 minutes til closing. I made the rounds and even had time to have a 5-minute debate with myself on whether or not I needed the giant pack of ziploc baggies. Now, ziploc bags were on my list, but after seeing how many come in a pack (I could bag practically every item in my entire apartment and STILL have baggies left over), I decided it was probably overkill. Which means that something will come up in the next couple of weeks where I need a bazillion baggies and I will be wishing I had bought them. Oh well, such is life.

After Costco, I headed over to Long John Silver's across the street to pick up dinner as I didn't make it to the grocery store and if I had tried to grocery shop at Costco, I would have needed the bazillion baggies. Anyway, while at LJS, I discovered something that needs to be added to the training of new employees: correct pronunciation of menu items in both singular and plural form. The woman in front of me and I both order shrimp, so the cashier yells out "20 shrimp, please!" While I'm waiting, another customer comes in and I hear the other cashier call out "5 more shrimps, please!"

Now most people probably wouldn't notice anything, but this is my dad's favorite misuse of the English language. The plural of shrimp is SHRIMP; not shrimpS, SHRIMP! One shrimp, two shrimp, red shrimp, blue shrimp as Dr. Seuss might say. It never fails to crack my dad up and now I notice it every time I hear it. This is what happens when you have an English professor for a mother (my dad's mother, not mine). I have other language pet peeves, but we'll leave those for another blog. I've already rambled on enough for now. That's another thing I probably should have warned you all about. Not only are my thoughts random, it's hard to stop me once I get started. In fact, I just started rambling about my rambling but decided to delete it. And now I'm doing it again. So without further ado, I bid you adieu.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Hello World!

So I finally decided to create my own blog! I'm not sure why anyone would want to read anything I write, but why should I let that stop me? I'm not sure how often I'll write as writing is one of my least favorite activities, but when the mood strikes or some random thing pops into my head that I feel like sharing, I'll make a new post.

Before I start blogging, I think I should explain to you (warn you?) why I called my blog "Random Thoughts." My brain tends to work in mysterious ways...thoughts on one topic tend to spark thoughts on highly unrelated topics. Often, my brain makes many of these connections between verbalizations of said thoughts. This causes much confusion for those I am in coversation with. While visiting my parents the last couple of weeks, I've come to realize my dad does the same thing. Could this be hereditary? But I digress...If you decide to read my ramblings, be forewarned that you may find yourself thinking, "How did she get from talking about (some topic of interest) to (fill in other completely unrelated topic)." That aside, enjoy!