Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Music Mania: Babyface

We stopped taking regular family ski trips once I reached junior high since it was just too hard to keep me out of school for so long and have me keep up with assignments. We did take one last trip during our winter break when I was in 8th grade though. We went to Whistler, British Columbia just before Christmas and then we spent Christmas in Oakland with my dad's brother and his family. And that year, we actually flew.

Back then, we could listen to portable electronic devices (a walkman for me) on take-off. So I listened to my new Babyface album "Tender Lover" on the plane and an in the car on the drive up to Whistler from the airport. So naturally, any time I hear the songs on that album I think of that trip!

Here are some of my Babyface favorites, including many from "Tender Lover."

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