Saturday, June 24, 2006


So, of course after posting about the lack of inspiring sunsets in June, I should have known there'd be a good one tonight. I was on my way to Borders to see Patrick McKeone perform and I noticed some great cloud formations on my way out the door, so of course I grabbed my camera. I took quite a few photos of the clouds in the sky from just outside.

The bad thing is it made me a bit late (thanks to a bit of traffic). And I wasn't able to get the actual sunset because of obstacles in the way. It really stinks when the sun sets over a hill that is full of towers and electrical poles and crap. Oh well. I'll try to post some of those pics soon, but it may be after Monday as I have a busy weekend.

So I was running late to see Patrick who I loooooved when I heard/saw him at the Borders in Montclair. His voice called to me as I was browsing the books and I ended up being at Borders for over 3 hours to hear most of his set.

I had to go a bit farther to a different Borders tonight (Rancho Cucamonga), but it was worth it. He's a fabulous musician as well hilarious and a total sweetheart. I even went up to say "Hi" after the show tonight (a miracle for me as I'm kinda shy in person). I hadn't planned on being there the entire time because as I mentioned above, I am super busy not to mention exhausted.

I was worried about being late, because I wanted to hear "I am Me" and he sang that one first last time. Luckily, I got there just in time to hear it (I wasn't really all that late).

I hadn't eaten dinner but a hot chocolate sustained me til after the show. I decided to go by Domino's afterwards to get some breadsticks and was a bit alarmed. I realized after hanging up that I hadn't given them my name, phone number or anything. I've not given them this info in the past either as I don't really order from Domino's. Anyway, when I went to pick them up, there was my full name and phone number on the sticker on the box. What the heck?! Does caller ID give first AND last name? How else do they get this info? If Domino's has this info, who the heck else has it? OY!

Anyway, I may post some Ron pictures in a bit, but I'm tired so I may not. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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