Friday, June 16, 2006

Poetry My Way

Ok, since I haven't blogged much lately, I'm going to post again! Though the date is different, it's really just a couple hours since the last post. Blame it on sleep deprivation (I've had about 3 hours in the last 24 hours), but I've decided to share some "poems" I've written at different stages in my life...

Now remember, I am not a writer. I feel I have to remind my writer friends of that fact. Also, I am not a poet and boy do I know it. Ok, I must be tired because I can't believe I just typed that. *rolls eyes* The main reason that I am not a good poet is that I'm too caught up in the whole rhyming thing. It just doesn't feel like poetry to me if it doesn't rhyme. Plus, it's not all that profound. Why am I posting it again? LOL

Anyway, one is a math poem (I can hear you all groaning already LOL!) It was part of a Real Analysis assignment from Fall 2004. I actually wrote two poems, but stupid me turned in my only copy and promptly forgot the second poem. They were posted on the "Math Poetry Wall" so I never got it back...

One is from my poetry project that brought me to tears back in Mr. Fickett's 7th grade English class. I suppose I should give some credit to my mom for that one. She helped me come up with ideas for my poems when I broke down crying LOL.

And the others are from a time in my life I was having, ahem, issues. I'm sure you can guess which poems are which. I'm also posting a few photos that I took a while back but didn't post before because I thought the background was too distracting or it wasn't my best shot. Maybe it will distract you from my 'poetry' LOL.
Oh, and sorry if the spacing is wonky. Blogger is being a POSPITA!!!
The flowers dance about
On this first day of spring
Happy to be free
From the cold winter air
They call to the bees
And wave to the trees
Visiting with each other
Within the garden walls
Gaily greeting their garden visitors
While lying in the sun
Proudly wearing their new spring colors
They find is lots of fun
If you can’t contain the urge
To prove a sequence does converge
Draw a ball around the limit
And show there are infinite points within it
Why is it
All I wanna do is cry?
Just give up
and let myself die?
Is living life
worth all this pain?
Will I ever
Be happy again?
I am tired of the lies
I have finally opened my eyes
Stuck a knife right through my heart
And then you ripped it all apart
Can't you see the tears falling from my eyes?
Don't you know the pain I feel inside?
Why do I feel the way I do?
How can my heart to you be true?
Why do you keep haunting me so?
Why can't I just let you go? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Kelley said...

Michelle, I really like your poems! Sometimes I dont think my poems are all that good, but then I remember that they come from the heart. It is what I am feeling and that makes a difference. I cant always fit my feelings into perfect rhyming sentences. Just go with what you feel. I think you did a fantasitic job. I really like the last one. I've felt that way before.

Michelle B said...

Thanks Kelley! Other than when it is assigned, I don't force myself to write poetry (which is probably why there isn't much lol). In general with writing, I have a lot of inspiration as I'm falling asleep. Sometimes I have to get up and write it down so I won't forget.

And you're right about it coming from the heart. It really does make a difference.