Saturday, June 03, 2006

Out 'N About!

I was going to post another blog entry tonight. It's something I've been planning to blog about all week, but it's not gonna happen tonight. Maybe tomorrow (well, later on today really...) I just got home from running an errand. Yes, an errand at 1:51 am:P

I needed to go to the post office to mail something. I've become very fond of the APC (Automated Postal Center.) I have only one complaint. When it has "Open 24 Hours" emblazoned across it, I expect it to be available to me 24 Hours a day. I don't mean powered up for 24 hours, I mean available for me to use. I can handle periodic downtime and machines breaking down. Such is life.

Tonight, however, I had to go to the next town over tonight to use the APC. Why? Because while the machine was in working order, the door to the PO lobby here in Claremont was locked! I was two feet from the APC smugly proclaiming it was "Open 24 hours" yet couldn't get to it. GRRRRR.

Now, I've gone on late night runs to the APC before and never run into this problem. I guess someone must come by to lock the door around midnight because that's the latest I've gone before tonight. To keep out all those people who want to steal the Priority & Express Mail envelopes, I suppose. Or mail thieves who, of course, won't come at 11pm!

Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. It didn't really bother me all that much. I just hopped into the car and drove to the next PO. That's one good thing I've kept up after reading Choices (I mention that book a lot don't I?) If you can't change it, why waste all that energy getting upset about it? Figure out a solution and move on. I just figured I would warn you all in case you ever get to urge to make an APC run in the wee hours like I did LOL!

And I did get to drive past one of the places that always makes me smile on the way home: The Sherwood Florist. It's my favorite florist name ever!

Now, I'm off to dreamland. See ya tomorrow sometime, Blogosphere!


Sam said...

I always, but ALWAYS forget the post office closed Saturday after noon. Argh!! (Now I have more mail that will have to wait until Tuesday - Monday is a holiday here!)

Kelley said...

I am almost always tucked away in my bed sleeping at that time! I used to be a night owl but not anymore.