Thursday, June 15, 2006

Go See Cars!

I wasn't really looking forward to Cars when I first heard about it. After seeing the recent commercials and previews, I did a complete 180 and couldn't wait to see it. I went last night and even with my high expectations (which sometimes lead to disappointment), I loved it!

It had me laughing out loud quite a bit. I have so many favorite lines, I can't begin to list them. I even go around saying them out loud and laughing. Good thing I have yet to do that where others can hear me or people might have sent the men in white coats to get me:) One that isn't quite so obvious is from a scene when there were multiple bumper stickers flashed on to the screen. One that caught my eye was "I Auto Be in Pictures!" Oh and keep an eye out for those "bugs" in the movie...

I want to see it again to catch some of those little things that I missed. I'm not sure I can wait for the DVD though! I don't think it will beat out Monster's Inc. (which I saw in theaters 5 times LOL!) as I have budget issues, but I may see it once more in theaters.

And if you go and see it, I definitely recommend that you wait until the very end of the credits before leaving. Only 3 of us stayed til the very end and the others missed some great stuff! As with most Disney/Pixar movies, it goes right up until the end. They even have a salute to previous Pixar films. It had me cracking up!

And that actually brings me to why I decided to blog about seeing Cars. Aside from the entertainment, seeing the movie reminded me of something that seems to come up in a lot of the animated movies lately. I suppose I'm dating myself, but I love the original Disney animated movies like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and the like. They're great!

Why do I bring them up? Because back then I didn't know the actors "behind" the characters. Now I find my mind wandering in the movie, trying to place the voice behind the animated character. It doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the movie, but I kinda liked it better when I didn't know who the heck it was doing the voices. Cinderella is just Cinderella whereas Lightning McQueen is forever linked to Owen Wilson in my mind.

Now I don't always know who's voicing the characters before seeing the movie, but I always seem to recognize a voice and I spend half my mental power trying to place the voice. This happened multiple times with Cars (especially with Tony Shaloub because he sounded like Antonio from Wings but how was I to be sure?)

I can't figure it out. Is it just me and my constantly on, always analyzing stuff, crazy brain? Or is it because I'm getting older and am just more aware of actors than I was when I saw Cinderella? Do any of you do this?

As I said it doesn't make me dislike the movie, but it definitely distracts me. It didn't happen so much with Monster's Inc for some reason. Oh well. I suppose I'm just weird. That's nothing new really.

I still loooooved Cars and highly recommend it. I also really liked the music in the movie. It fit really well and had me bopping in my seat. Okay, I think I've written enough about Cars. If I ramble any more, it will take longer to read this than to see the movie (which was actually longer than I expected)...

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Felicia said...

Nice to read your review. I haven't seen CARS yet so I'll be sure to pay attention to all the things you point out. I agree about trying to figure out the voices, I never noticed or cared in the past. To me, it is almost like reading a book, then seeing the movie and having my image of a character being replaced by the image of the famous actor/actress. Except with animation there is the nagging problem of trying to figure out who it is! Frustrating, but not enough to keep me from seeing CARS (or movies based on a book - i.e., Da Vinci Code - Tom Hanks is not my image!)