Friday, May 19, 2006

You Learn Something New Everyday!

I love learning new things. This little fact, however, is not something that is essential to my being, but what the heck, right? I actually learned this “fact” last weekend when Summer was in town, but I was reminded tonight as I drove by the sign at the Tropical Lei (the local strip club just down the road).

As I drove past the Tropical Lei with Summer in the passenger seat, I wondered aloud what was so special about the latest blurb on their marquee, “Even Bad Days Have Happy Endings!” That was when I learned that “Happy Ending” didn’t mean “And then they lived happily every after…” in the fairy tale sense.

Now, I know that “massage parlor’s” are not always just places to give you a nice relaxing back rub. In fact, I had to hold all business licenses in the City of Coronado when I temped for them. The police had to verify that each “massage technician” really was only giving nice relaxing back rubs. But, yet again, I digress…

Thanks to Summer, I now know how to get a little “extra” at one of those not quite legit massage parlor’s if I ever get the urge (highly unlikely:P). The odd thing is that later that night as we were watching Leno, he referenced a “Happy Ending” in that sense as well while talking to Tom Hanks. Now I wonder how many “Happy Ending” references I’ve missed over the years LOL!

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