Friday, May 05, 2006

Let It Be A Dance

Let it be a dance we do
May I have this dance with you?
Through the good times,
And the bad times, too,
Let it be a dance.

Morning star
Comes out at night
Without the dark
There is no light
If nothing's wrong,
Then nothing's right
Let it be a dance.

Let the sun shine,
Let it rain
Share the laughter,
Bear the pain
And round and round
We go again
Let it be a dance.

--Excerpt from Let it Be a Dance by Ric Masten


Kelley said...

Beautiful picture. I love words you put under it. Very beautiful.What is it from?

Michelle B said...

Hey Kelley! The words are from a song called Let it Be a Dance by Ric Masten. I'm not sure how I first came upon it. I took a calligraphy class when I was 11 and when I was going through old projects a few years back, I found the excerpt because I used it to practice my calligraphy. I hadn't even put who it was by, so I looked it up online and found out it was a song by Ric Masten. He has a website at:
where he has the music and other verses (I used the 3rd verse as I like it the most). I found I like the lyrics more than the music in this case, but there are some other renditions he has posted on the website.


Robin49 said...

That was very nice. Beautiful pic too!

Michelle B said...

Thanks, Robin:)

Bonita said...

I found your blog most interesting, Michelle. I love the pictures, I love music (althought I can not sing a note), but my favorite blog was about your Grandmother, the English Professor!

Stacy~ said...

Great blog Michelle! I love all your pictures - they are just gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle,

Very nice blog darlin. I love the pic's. I've added you to my list of places to visit. Thank you for sending the links to TTABBB.

Michelle Hoppe

Michelle B said...

Thanks Bonita, Stacy and Michelle:) I sometimes get behind, but I am totally addicted to my blog, so I blog whenever I can! I'm in San Diego the first part of this week so I'm hoping to get some more photos. For now it's a bit overcast though...