Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From the Photo Archives!

I’ve been going through some older photos while backing up my files on CD. For various reasons, I wasn’t completely satisfied with some of them or I liked others better. I guess that’s the perfectionist in me, though, as nothing can ever be perfect, how does that work? That’s probably a question for an entirely different blog!

Anyway, last night (well, early Tuesday morning), I was looking through the photos, and I found some I decided I would share even though they have flaws. When I say flaws I mean, slightly out of focus or that there is something in the shot that I couldn’t remove and it sort of ruined the picture (in my opinion.) I played around a bit last night and tried to crop out some things (like fence lines). Anyway, I’ll be posting the first two here and then more of them in the posts below…

The first picture below is a picture of the foothills here in Claremont. It was clear after a storm and there was some snow on the hills. I had a hard time getting a shot without something (cars, telephone poles, houses, …) in the way. I actually drove around to different spots in town trying to get a better shot. This is the best I could do:

The next picture (below) is of Downtown San Diego, also taken on a clear day after a storm. Like the above shot, it was hard to get one without wires, poles, or headstones (it was taken from the naval cemetery) in the way.

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