Sunday, February 24, 2008

STICKY POST: Photo Project Poll

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Update: Thanks to everyone who has voted so far! Keep the votes coming:) And remember to comment here on the blog or email me to be entered into the contest!

Help! I'm terrible when it comes to making decisions. I waffle for ages and it drives me (along with everyone else in my life) batty!

I've been wanting to create a photo canvas through Canvas On Demand ( for years. I finally made one of our family cat (who we lost in October) for my family members as a Christmas present.

Now I have a coupon for $25 off another canvas, but I can't decide which photo to use! And of course the coupon comes with an expiration date. So instead of waffling any longer, I decided to enlist help via my blog.

I've narrowed down my choices to the 10 photos in the poll below. You don't even want to know how long it took me to narrow it down that far:P Anyway, I'd like your input on which photo to use. So if you could take a look at the photos in the poll and then vote for the one you think I should use, I would truly appreciate it!

And to show my appreciation, I'm going to give away some of the various photo gifts (created with my photos) that I have floating around my apartment. More details after the poll!

Edited to add the two things below:
1. If for some reason you can't vote in the poll, feel free to either comment with your vote (letting me know that the poll wouldn't work for you so I count it manually) or email me your vote at
2. If you'd like to enter the contest and can't comment for some reason, please email me at and I'll be sure to enter you!

Wait! Don't leave yet...Here are the details on the photo gift give aways:
I'll give away the following in a drawing on February 24th (the number of people I'll draw for each one is noted in parentheses):

  • Oversized 2008 wall calendar of Scenic California Photos (1 person)
  • A set of 6 (different) sunset mini posters (1 person)
  • A set of 6 (different) floral/garden mini posters (1 person)
  • A set of 6 Hawaii photo coasters and 9 photo stickers (1 person)
  • A set of 6 Floral photo coasters and 9 photo stickers (1 person)
  • A set of cloud notecards, a butterfly photo pillowcase, and 9 photo stickers (1 person)
  • A set of 16 photo postcards of places I've been around the US and 9 photo stickers (1 person)
  • A set of 9 photo stickers (5 people)
I'm using the poll as an easy way to count votes (and praying that it works without any technical glitches), but I'll draw for the photo gifts on February 24th based on the comments on this post (one entry per person) so that I have the names of the people participating. Your comment doesn't have to be long or profound; even just a "Hello" will do:) I'll post the winners here, so please be sure to check back so I can get your contact info if you win:)

Thanks so much for stopping by and helping me make my decision!!


kat1reader said...

Hi Michelle,
I almost voted for Hanauma Bay - simply because I actually recognized it before reading the caption! I have a picture from there(granted from my camera) in my scrapbook for Hawaii. But I LOVE sunsets - and #4 is GORGEOUS.

Kelley Nyrae said...

YOu're pics are so beautiful. I voted for the stormy sunset. I love that one.

Anonymous said...

Yep, had to vote for pic #1...but then, does it really surprise you? lol

~*~ Elizabeth ~*~

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's one hell of a blog, a poll, a contest, all kinds of madness. . .
aka Mrs. Gerald Butler

Heather M. said...

I can see why you were struggling with this decision! Wow, what beautiful pictures!

Jeff said...

I went with the one I thought would look the best on canvas. I was a hard choice though, I love Birds of Paradise and the stormy sunset. Camille says hi. Good luck!

Rose/VZ said...

#1 is awesome!

Robin said...

Beautiful pictures. I think the Bird of Paradise would make the best canvas.

Jodi said...

I can see why you are having a tough time making a decision. Those are some gorgeous pictures!

Skittles said...

I picked #6 :)

Di said...

I do love Hanauma Bay, but my vote went to the beach picture. It's unusual...the juxtaposition of the sand, rocks and whatever that is on the left gives a sense of texture. It would be beautiful hung near a rock fireplace.

The Mama Bear said...

I had a hard time deciding on just one but I did. Would love to be entered in the giveaway.