Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Rant

Ok, so of course now that I am at the computer and wanting to write, blogger is down. So I am typing this in Notepad to be pasted into blogger at a later time. Of course this has nothing to do with my original rant; it's a completely separate rant. So, on to my original reason for ranting...

I've finally buckled down and started filling out more job applications for after I graduate in May. Most of the sections are similar from application to application. The one part that bugs me is the "optional" section about your personal background (which they really would like you to fill out). No, it doesn't bother me to fill it out. What bothers me is one of the sections: the section on race/ethnicity. I hate filling out that section. Probably because I never know which box to check! More and more forms have boxes for "Mixed ethnicity" and of course there's always the "Other" box. But I hate checking other.

When they tell me to choose only one (as the app I just filled out does), I really get steamed! Sure they say to check the one you "most identify with" but come on! For one, I am *not* just one ethnicity, I am mixed. Second, how the heck do I decide which to check?! I am half white and half black. My dad tells me to check black since technically I am part black and can claim the heritage. The problem? Most people are shocked when they find out that my father is black because I do not look black (though I *do* look like my father). Black is probably the last thing someone would guess when trying to identify my ethnicity. Yet it's a very important part of who I am. Also, if I check black and show up for an interview, they are going to look at me and wonder who knows what. I even had one person at a job fair once look at my resume and ask me how I got involved in the Black Student Union (I listed making the Black Student Union Honor Roll on the resume). But if I check white, I feel like I am denying half of my family heritage. So, for now, I have checked *no* box because this app has neither an "other" box nor a "Multi-ethnic" box. If only I didn't care about getting the job, I'd write them to say "GET WITH THE TIMES PEOPLE!"


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