Monday, March 06, 2006

Playing Catch Up...

Okay, so once again, I have dropped the blogging ball! I meant to post on Saturday, but got lured away first by the Discovery Channel and then by a much needed nap. Though I ended up sleeping for 6 hours so can that really be called a "nap"? It really messed up my schedule too! I slept from 5:30pm to 11:30pm and then (surprise, surprise!) was not sleepy even at 7am the next morning when I made myself lay down since I had my weekly homework session at noon:S

Anyway, I have so much that I wanted to blog about, so be warned that this post may be long and will be quite random! So, what I had originally intended to share was my first "Sobriety Check Point" experience. It was completely unexpected! I was driving home from work Saturday afternoon and had to go by the post office. So I got off a few exits earlier than I normally would which takes me by the Los Angeles County Fair Grounds. Just as I get to the northern side of the Fairgrounds, traffic grinds to a halt and we have big orange signs proclaiming the Sobriety Check Point and to be ready to show your driver's license. My first thought was "Who the heck is drinking at 1pm on a random Saturday afternoon?!" Then I thought maybe some wine tasting event was going on at the Fair Grounds and they wanted to make sure people weren't tasting and driving (I later looked and found the only event to be a computer fair). Now I wonder why the heck I even think so much about stuff like this. I blame my dad. He analyzes everything (something my sister never lets any of us forget) and I think I get it from him!

So anyway, back to the Sobriety Check Point. I briefly considered turning around at a place where there was a gap in the center divider and taking an alternate route to the PO. I nixed that idea when scenes of being chased by police officers convinced I was fleeing to avoid being caught drinking and driving flashed through my mind. Though I suppose if I wanted my 15 minutes, I could have turned it into the latest (and what seems to be daily) high speed chase through LA. Instead, I sat patiently in my car, listening to the radio as traffic crawled along.

When I finally got to the officer (who was hot!) checking licenses, I rolled down my window and handed him my DL. He asked me if I had been drinking that day and I answered "Nope!" and he sent me on my way with a MADD pamphlet on drunk driving and a "You're good then!" Of course after I drive away, I keep thinking about how cute he was and too bad I'd never see him again. I suppose I could have flirted with him. But then, I don't flirt...period; because I wouldn't know how (and I *hate* playing games). I also find that when I think I'm just being friendly, people tell me I'm flirting. This is usually while I'm talking to men who I do *not* want to flirt with. Maybe this is why I am such a freak magnet (a whole 'nother topic for a whole 'nother time). And when I *do* want to flirt, well then I get all tongue tied and end up saying something stupid which replays in my mind every 10 seconds for the next month (possibly longer). Then I berate myself for being such an idiot.

Of course after all this, my logical mind kicks in and pats me on the back for my short and to the point answer. Had I done my "flirting" schtick, I would have probably aroused suspicion and ended up on the side of the road being frisked (and not by Mr. Sexy Police Officer). That would be laughable as I don't even remember the last time I had even one drink. I believe it was 2001...*sigh*. Here I go again, overanalyzing things. Darn Dad!

Once I made it home, I rushed to the computer to share, but got sidetracked by Extreme Engineering and Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. I found I really like the Discovery Channel, but that is an entirely different topic and wow this post is long!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Monday...


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