Tuesday, March 21, 2006

North Carolina Pictures (2000)

Road through the Smoky Mountains after a Spring Snow Storm

The Court House in Sylva, North Carolina

View of the Countryside from the Train
Storm Clouds Over the Mountains (as seen from my hotel room)

These are pictures I took in my leisure time during a 2000 business trip to Sylva, North Carolina. I was there for 2 weeks, so I had time to explore and drive through the Smoky Mountains and take a train ride. It snowed the night before my train trip and I was the only person crazy enough to ride in the open car, but it made for some nice shots! There are a couple pictures I've used in other blog entries that are from North Carolina as well. I decided not to repost them here as it would be a bit repetitive. I have a bunch more as I tend to take a ton of photos, but I decided to stop here for now. These are all pre-digital camera. I also went to Hawaii that year on business and have some pictures from that trip that I'll try to post some time this week as well...

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