Friday, March 31, 2006

The A-B-C's of Michelle

A-B-C's of Michelle

A is for age: 29
B is for Booze of choice: buttery nipple (though I'm not much of a drinker)
C is for career:
grad student soon to be math teacher (hopefully!)
D is for your dog’s name:
Bijou was the last family dog, but she passed away in 2004
E is for essential items you use everyday: laptop, bed, water, I'm sure there's more
F is for favorite song at the moment: Oy, don't make me choose! "Colors" by Amos Lee if I *have* to choose
G is for favorite games: ummmm not sure
H is for hometown:
Bonita, CA
I is for instruments you play: piano, a little guitar, and voice
J is for jam or jelly you like: Strawberry!
K is for Kids: None. As I keep telling the 'rents, I gotta find a man first!
L is for last kiss: don't ask :
M is for most admired trait: compassion
N is for the name of your crush: er, no one at the moment, which is a bit unusual for me:P
O is for overnight hospital stays: none, lucky me:)
P is for phobias: snakes, needles, big bugs, heights if I'm not safely enclosed
Q is for quotes you like: way too many to name! Hmm...I'm sensing a double blog post today:)
R is for biggest regret: not dating more
S is for sweets of your choice: See's candies, vanilla malts, the list goes on...
T is for the time you wake up: as late as possible to still make it where I need to be on time

U is for underwear: what about it? lol
V is for vegetable you love: broccoli
W is for worst habit: not picking up stuff off the floor
X is for x-rays you’ve had: wrist, ankle, foot, I think that's it (it's been a while)
Y is for yummy food you make: desserts! cream cheese pie, macaroons, chocolate fudge pie, ice cream pie

Z is for zodiac sign: Libra

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