Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pet Pictures

Cherie curled up in the chair on her blanket

Cherie in one of her favorite spots...On the cable box! Though now Sophie's taken over...

Cherie asleep on the bed...

Sophie peeking out from under the covers

Sophie curled up on my bed

Sophie wondering why the heck I'm on the other side of the window watching her (not the best picture)

I caught Ron yawning as he was lounging in the backyard

A Kitty that Visited me for a bit last year. I miss him...

Bijou on the old couch wearing her Christmas scarf

Bijou Asleep in her favorite spot-- her bed

I still have some pictures to post from a trip to Costa Rica, but today I wanted to change it up a bit and post some pictures of my kitties:) I'm also including a couple pictures of Bijou, our family dog, who we had to put to sleep in February 2004. We had her since I was in junior high and it's still not the same without her around when I go home...

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