Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stormy Sky Photos

I love stormy skies. The clouds look so neat and generally stormy skies make for a wonderful sunset (as long as the sun can actually be seen through the clouds).

Last Friday was one of these days. It didn't rain, but there were thunderstorm clouds in the sky. I'm including various pictures I took that day. My favorites are those at the end. The texture and color of the clouds just really intrigued me!

I first noticed the sky when I stopped at the mall for lunch after taking my car in...I was literally looking straight up!

When I got home, I noticed that the clouds looked like cotton balls. I love it when they look that way:)

The clouds at sunset really intrigued me. The rest of the sky, not so much. I'm including a couple of wider angle sunset shots, but my favorites are the cloud close ups. As I mentioned above, the texture along with the color intrigued me. You may need to click on the photos to see a close up to get a somewhat better idea.

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Mailyn said...

Beutiful as always! The palms made me think of ours down here in Miami. LOL.