Thursday, July 19, 2007

My First Thursday Thirteen!

I've decided to start doing Thursday Thirteens! I've been reading them a lot on other blogs, and decided to join in! Hopefully those of you that find your way here to my blog learn a little something about me each Thursday:)

Today's topic:
13 things I'm going to miss when I move from Bonita, California to Avondale, Arizona in August...

Thirteen Things I'm going to miss when I move from California to Arizona

1. The sunsets from my parents backyard.
2. Knowing that the ocean is just minutes away (even though I don't go to the beach often).
3. Round Table Pizza.
4. The weather!
5. Boudin Bakery. They make my favorite Cesar salads!
6. My parents.
7. Ron, Cherie, and Sophie (our cats who live with my parents).
8. Living in the town where I grew up.
9. Having "Good Karma Lane" as my street address.
10. Having a California Driver's License.
11. The weather!!
12. The House of Nine Dragons which is a local Chinese restaurant that makes the best egg rolls ever.
13. Um, did I mention...THE WEATHER!

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amy said...

Welcome to THursday 13! Thats really your street address? How cool! We got a letter from a friend last week who lived on purgatory drive

Michelle B said...

Thanks, Amy! And yep, that is really the street name. Isn't it a great one?

There are definitely some interesting street names out there!

Lady Rose said...

Welcome to the TT13 madness :) I have my second one up too at

Mailyn said...

Ohhhhh I love Chinese food! Damn I can't believe I lost the link to your blog. I saw you now in another blog and was all like, oh shit! I'm so linking you again. LOL.

Michelle B said...

Thanks Lady Rose and Mailyn!

And Mailyn, you didn't miss all that much for a while. I got so busy with teaching and job interviews that I really didn't post very often for a few months.

I hope I can keep a semi-regular schedule even once I start the fall semester this year.

Midas said...

Wow, this is my first T13 in my new blog too.

Moving is a mix blessing huh?

damozel said...

Yes, but California...and Arizona! Two great places to live...

shiloh walker said...

Good Karma Lane... well, that's different...

Now you got me thinking about eggrolls and it's only 8:14

Jeremy said...

Great first tt

I moved 100 miles from where I have lived my whole life in Florida and was suprised at what a difference it made in the weather.

Traveling as I do I get into many cities and AZ is OK, but a little to dry for me, but you get used to it.

trust me in 6 months you will have a new list of food places you don't want to miss...

Kelley said...

Wow I haven't been here in forever. You've totally changed your blog. Looks great.

I didn't know you were moving! Bummer!

What a great street address. I love it.

Erin the Innocent said...

I love that street address!

Good luck with your move :)