Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Window Washing

My mom had all the windows in the house washed today and it started me thinking about cleaning in general. I pretty much detest cleaning as most of my close friends and relatives know. It's not that I don't like living in a clean place. It's the whole idea that as soon as I get done cleaning, it's time to clean all over again. It feels like a never ending cycle and it drives me up the wall. And with so many other things I'd love to be doing, why would I want to spend time on this endless cycle?

Anyway, with the windows, I started to wonder, why would anyone pay to have their windows cleaned? Sure they look nice when the guy leaves, and I can definitely understand not wanting to do it yourself. But within 10 minutes of the guy leaving the house, the windows are inevitably already smudged to some degree and it just goes down hill from there. As soon as we water the lawn, there goes the front window. And on it goes. So why pay to have something that looks nice for such a short time? I'd much rather spend that money on books:P

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