Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tribute to Route 66

Along the road there are Historic Route 66 signs. These first two pictures are of a sign near my old apartment. The weird thing is I never realized it was there until just a few weeks ago LOL!

Here is another sign a bit farther west along Route 66. The pictures aren't that great since it was a very bright (and HOT!) day.

Close up of sign above...

I thought this coffee cup sign was really cute! It was hard to get a decent shot without getting run over, though.

This is the sign that caused all the uproar I posted about a while back. It's a gas station and I thought the sign was kinda cool.

In-N-Out is a great hamburger place. I love it!

Wolfe's Market is right next to the Claremont Colleges and is a popular place to go for sandwiches and such.

More pictures in the post below!

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