Monday, July 10, 2006

Stop! ... Drop, & Roll

We had a fire drill at the hotel I stayed at part of the time I was in the Phoenix area. To avoid getting caught up in it, I decided to walk around taking pictures for a while. It lasted longer than I expected, so I found myself lingering by this stop sign. The contrast of the red Stop sign against the blue cloudy sky intrigued me, and I took a ton of photos! Here are some of them...


Mailyn said...

dude that is a lot of pictures of one stop sign. it must feel important now. mehehe.

I love the flower pics you posted! those are gorgeous! :)

Michelle B said...

LOL, I tend to go way overboard on taking pictures (even of the same subject). I just decided to post them all this time.

I'm glad you like the flower pics and thanks for visiting my blog!