Monday, February 09, 2009

Week in Photos (2/2 through 2/8)

I've been taking tons of photos again thanks in part to my taking part in Project 365. I truly agonized over what photo to choose for the day the last few days, so as I suspected when I started this project, I have lots to post here!

These are some random shots from my week last week (most of which didn't make it as the photo of the day). I'm going to devote an entire post to the Chocolate Festival that I went to with Summer on Saturday, but it probably won't go up until Tuesday or Wednesday. For now, enjoy these photos!

Here's the church across the way from my house

I took a walk around campus Friday afternoon as I was leaving...

The branches on this tree are really intertwined in an odd way, but I need to get the shot when the light is at a better angle

I've been really intrigued with "naked" trees lately...

More "naked" trees from Thursday night at Paradise Valley Community College where I'm taking a professional development class

Sunset at PVCC Thursday night

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