Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chocolate Festival!

As I mentioned previously, Summer and I went to the Chocolate Festival in Glendale, AZ on Saturday. We had quite an adventure! It was pretty crowded in the main area where all the booths were, so we ended up going to take a tour of a candy factory first and by the time we got back it was a little less hectic at the booths.

Here are some photos I took while wandering around Downtown Glendale and the Chocolate Festival. There are things I didn't get this time that I'll be going back to get some time soon!

Waiting outside Cerreta's, the candy factory

Inside Cerreta's
The chocolate dipped strawberry assembly line

Chocolate dipped Jalapenos!

A giant 300-pound chocolate heart being raffled off (tickets cost $1). Since I had no idea what I'd do with it, I didn't buy a ticket as I figured that would be a sure-fire way to win!

Yet another "naked" tree outside Cerreta's waiting for the shuttle back

Here are some signs from local businesses that I found had interesting names and signs

A Mad Hatter's Antiques

Bitzee Mama's Restaurant

The Wonderful Wacky Women booth at the festival

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