Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Music Mania: Spanish Edition

Sorry this post is a little late. I forgot to set it to post in advance. This week, I decided to focus on music in Spanish. When I took advanced placement Spanish in high school, my teacher had us listen to a song every day (a different song each week) to become more immersed in the language. At the end of high school, Liana, one of my friends who was in the class with me, surprised me with the best gift ever: a mix tape with all of our favorites from Spanish class! She borrowed all the tapes from our instructor to make it! We had quite an adventure in that class. I still remember a crazy story we made had to write to incorporate all of our vocabulary lessons one week about needing help because a barracuda bit someone and we ended up getting a ride to a hospital on a motorcycle. Ah those were the days :-)

Since tapes have become obsolete for the most part, I've tried to re-create my mix tape digitally. While I haven't come close to finding them all, I did find quite a few. I also added in some Mana favorites from their album that I bought when I saw them in concert at age 16 and from La Ley who I discovered more recently. Enjoy!

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