Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8: Photos of Cherie

It's been an odd week. I wasn't even sure that I was going to do a Thursday Thirteen this week, but here I am :-)

Earlier this week, one of our cats, Cherie, had severe trouble breathing and had to be rushed to the pet hospital. I should note that when I say "our" that Cherie lives with my parents, but I still think of her as part "mine." Anyway, when I spoke with my mom last night, she said it didn't look good because the vet didn't know what was wrong with her.

After being on antibiotics, she was much better this morning, so she's home tonight. Since they don't know what happened, a relapse is still possible. I'm just praying that she'll be okay.

So this weeks Thursday Thirteen is a tribute to Cherie (in picture form)...

Thirteen Things about Michelle B's Cat Cherie

1. Cherie loves to sleep on my laptop; partly because it's nice and warm, and partly because that way I can't be distracted from paying attention to her!

2. Another warm spot...the cable box! And its a good high spot to see what's going on as well.

3. Cherie in the backyard looking for trouble!

4. Cherie asleep in my unmade bed:)

5. Cherie taking a bath in the backyard.

6. A close-up profile shot.

7. Curled-up asleep in what we call "her" chair because if you sit in it, she glares at you until you get up so she can sit there!

8. On the bench in the backyard.

9. Sitting next to an out-of-control weed that's taller than she is in the back yard.

10. Another shot of her atop the cable box.

11. Curled up in a different chair this time...

12. What do you mean you want to print something?!

13. Another shot of her on a different laptop this time!

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Stacy~ said...

Aw, Cherie sure is a cutie, especially when she's sleeping. Hope she feels much better soon.

Damozel said...

Bless her two-toned little ears! I hope she gets well quickly.

My favorite pose is the "croissant." SO cute.

jenn said...

What a beautiful Kittie! I hope she stays well.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

One more example of how there's no such thing as too many kitty pics on a blog...hehe. Gorgeous cat!

Happy TT!

shiloh walker said...

i love the laptop phots.

Hope she gets better soon.

Michelle B said...

Thanks for your comments and thoughts everyone. I talked to my mom again tonight. She had to take Cherie back to the vet today because Cherie wouldn't eat or drink. She's breathing okay on her own, so she's not as bad off as before, but still things aren't great. I'm driving back to San Diego to see her after a meeting at school tomorrow.

Any prayers and healing thoughts are much appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.