Saturday, September 22, 2007

Early Birthday Present!

My birthday is coming up soon (in just under 2 weeks), and I bought myself an early birthday present today. I just couldn't resist sharing, especially as it relates to my Thursday Thirteen for this last week!

After posting about art and artists I like, I inevitably ended up visiting their websites and looking at new work I hadn't seen before. I fell in love with Tabora's latest release, Midnight Interlude (shown above). It is in pre-release, which means the prices are a little bit lower. I was also really excited that this time there's actually a painting available at a more affordable price! It's a little hard to justify spending $3,000 on a painting on a teacher's salary when trying to save for a house!

The painting I bought is still a good size (18 inches by 24 inches) and though it's not hand-highlighted by the artist like most of the others are (including my Diamond Head Sunrise painting), I'm sure to love it just the same! I'm so excited:D

On another note, I took some photos the last couple of days that hopefully I can post soon. The ones I took a while back were somewhat underwhelming so I haven't posted them here.
It's a busy week ahead for me. I'm having my first in-class evaluation on Monday! Then I'm subbing for 2 classes on Tuesday and Thursday night. And on Friday, we're having a math department meeting with the president of the college. So it may be next weekend before I can download the photos and such.
Of course, Summer and I were considering driving up to Sedona for my birthday then. Hmmmm. Well, I suppose you'll all just have to be patient:)

Have a wonderful week!


Stacy~ said...

What a gorgeous picture Michelle :) I'd definitely get something like that for myself, but not at $3000! LOL

Michelle B said...

Thanks, Stacy:) And I didn't pay $3000 for this one! It was $500. Which (for a Tabora) is a great price!