Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Exploding Soda!

I am going to post a Thursday Thirteen this week in just a bit, but I got side-tracked because of an exploding soda can! It was my fault, but wow, what a mess.

I forgot I left a Dr. Pepper in the freezer last night. When I went to look in the freezer for dinner ideas, I wondered why there were brown icicles all over the place. Then I saw the Dr. Pepper can:|

It went everywhere! So I spent 30 minutes cleaning out the freezer, the ice maker, and everything that was in the freezer (which thankfully wasn't all that much). I've never had a soda explode like that before. Probably because I'm usually good at remembering if I put one in the freezer!

Anyway, TT coming up in just a bit.

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