Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #16: Thirteen Cloud Pictures I've Taken

Wow, I've been busy the last few weeks with the start of the spring semester. I've been wanting to post quite a bit, but I haven't had a chance! I never did get to set up that play list I wanted to with artists from my last TT.

I'm also planning to post a poll in the next day or so about a photo "project" I'd like some input on. I'm just holding off in order to do this TT this week:)

I decided to do another photo themed Thursday Thirteen this week. I'm always fascinated by the sky, clouds, and especially storm clouds. Therefore, this week's TT is 13 cloud pictures I've taken!

Thirteen Cloud Pictures Michelle B has taken

1. A stormy summer day in Bonita, California

2. Looking through the trees on a stormy fall day in Goodyear, Arizona

3. A stormy fall afternoon in Gila Bend, Arizona

4. A hot and stormy summer day in Bonita, California

5. The same stormy day as in #4 but closer to sunset and out in El Cajon, California, at Grossmont College

6. Another stormy afternoon in Bonita, California

7. A stormy fall day in Litchfield Park, Arizona

8. A stormy summer day in Claremont, California

9. An odd cloud formation one fall evening in Litchfield Park, Arizona

10. Another shot of the odd cloud formation from #9

11. A close-up shot of a summer thundercloud in Claremont, California

12. More fall storm clouds in Litchfield Park, Arizona

13. Late spring storm clouds in Claremont, California

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Norma said...

These are gorgeous--especially since in Ohio we have massive cloud cover much of the time. Thanks for sharing. You're a great photographer.

D@phn3 L@ur@ said...

Lovely photoblog of cloud pictures. Great shots, thanks for sharing them!

Dropped by from TT :)

Sparky Duck said...

Arizona has some great cloud shots

Laura said...

Those are SO pretty! I love watching the clouds! Happy T-13!

Anonymous said...

Such wonder, such power, such pure beauty. I feel enlarged, thank you.

Nicholas said...

Those are all very beautiful. I can't decide on a favorite.