Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15: Artists I've Seen Live in Concert

This is my first TT of the year! I can't believe it's been a month since my last one. The holidays just flew by (as usual). I hope you're all off to a great start in 2008.

While going through and creating a playlist on imeem (for the post below), I got inspired to do a TT on artists I've seen live in concert. I barely got to 13, but I did get there. Here it is...

Thirteen Artists Michelle B has seen in concert

1. Mana when I visited Irapuato, Mexico the summer after my junior year in high school. It was quite an adventure for a sheltered 16-year-old!

2. Seal with my sister the summer after my freshman year in college. I love Seal!

3. Des'ree, who opened for Seal at the concert in #2.

4. Travis at the Universal Amphitheater. I went by myself and had a blast!

5. Maroon 5 various times. My favorite shows have to be my first experience with them (see #6) and also the time I was one of just a few to go to a private show when they first created their fan club S.I.N. Haven't seen them in ages though.

6. Michelle Branch at the Roxy. It was a great show (if a bit cramped) and where I had my first Maroon 5 experience.

7. BBMak also multiple times. BBMak is no longer together, but I still listen to their music. I also discovered some great friends through our mutual love of BBMak music. A BBMak concert (at the release party for their second album) was my one and only experience with the infamous Viper Room.

8. The Village People, who despite being listed as #8 are probably my favorite group of all time to see in concert. I've seen them twice (at a radio show and at Disney's California Adventure) and wish I could see them again. Their shows are so much fun!

9. Kool & the Gang, who were a bit of a disappointment, even though they weren't bad. As I've mentioned before, they just aren't the same without J.T. Taylor. I had one chance to see them with J.T. Taylor, but I didn't want to miss my Jazz History class. Sometimes it sucks to be a conscientious student.

10. Chic, who I saw at the disco radio show at the Hollywood Bowl along with The Village People and Kool & the Gang. What I remember most about that night is the parking nightmare.

11. Patrick McKeone, who I discovered while feeding my other addiction (books) at Borders in grad school. His live music captivated me and I ended up closing down the Borders listening to his show!

12. Jessica Riddle, who opened for BBMak when I saw them on their national tour after their first album release.

13. Wynton Marsalis at the spur of the moment as a freshman in college. My freshman dorm had gone into San Francisco and a group of guys had planned to head over to the concert after dinner. They had an extra ticket and I said I'd take it; one of very few spontaneous things I've ever done!

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Pretty Life Online said...

wow! that's a great fun! mine's up too...

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I have never seen any of those. Now I get to see them through your eyes! Thanks.

Nicholas said...

Interesting selection of names, though there are many there I have never heard of.

damozel said...

I only know a couple of those, but I would LOVE to see Marsalis....thanks for visiting mine!

Michelle B said...

Thanks to all of you for visiting!

Since it seems that there are some that many of you haven't heard of, I think I'll put together a playlist of these artists and post it here in the next couple of days. Be sure to check back if you're interested:)