Monday, February 20, 2006

Sleep is Good

Ok, this is going to be a short and uninteresting post tonight. I've gotten 4 hours or less sleep a night for the last four nights and I'm tired:S Admittedly, I did take some naps along the way, but I am still sleep deprived. I really need to quit with the whole procrastinating bit and do my homework assignments before Saturday night...sigh. Anyway, I'm down visiting my parents for a few days in San Diego. It's one of those rare occasions where I have more than 1 day without class (due to a midterm in the class I'm auditing) or work, so I figured if wanted to see my parents again before I graduate, this would be the time! They just came home from Banff, Canada so I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures they took. I've seen some and my dad has asked me to help him put some pictures together to make a panoramic scene. That's something I haven't done before, so it should be interesting. I sense procrastination looming on the horizon yet again...

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