Thursday, July 16, 2009

What NOT to Do in Public

I ate lunch at a local Panera today and heard something disturbing. A lady next to me was on her laptop (free Wi-Fi access at Panera) talking on her cell phone. The problem? She was talking to a rep at a credit card company about an error on her credit report and she verbally gave her social security number... twice! Then she went on to give her full name and address. Hopefully the other diners at Panera with us are not identity thieves because she'd would have made their job so easy! I probably wouldn't have paid any attention except her SSN starts with the same 3 digits as my sister's area code, so I thought she might be from Boston.

I'm usually paranoid anytime I have to give out my social security number. Even when I'm on a cell phone at home or in my car, I worry someone will somehow get it. I hope those of you reading this are more aware of your surroundings when relaying any personal information. With identity theft such a big problem these days, it pays to be careful!

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