Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cow Parade...Coming Soon!

Before I left San Diego, I spent a day (in different segments) with my mom going around La Jolla taking photos of the Cow Parade Art Exhibit. You can read more about it here (

It's something that's taken places in other cities before, but it's new to San Diego (the exhibit runs from March 15 through June 15). Basically, 40 local artists got blank white cow statues that they were able to alter to fit their vision. Each cow is sponsored by a local business as well. At the end of the exhibition, the cows will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity. I have a few favorites, but nowhere to put them, so I won't be bidding, but I enjoyed photographing the ones I was able to get to this time around :-)

I took a ton of photos, and this week is insanely busy for me, but I'm posting to say I will have them up hopefully sometime this weekend! Stay tuned for my Cow Photography Parade...

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