Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #23: Favorite Commercials

I watch commercials less often than I have in the past even though I watch more TV these days. I usually use time during commercials to do things or read email, but every so often I still find a favorite. Here are 13 of my all-time favorites.

You may notice a musical theme with a lot of these commercials. I'm a musical person, so these are the types of commercials that tend to stick with me. Most of these I remembered, but I rounded out my list by searching online (I refused to put in more than 3 PC/Mac commercials since I've already done an entire TT on those).

Thirteen of Michelle B's Favorite Commercials

1. Cingular Misunderstood Commercial

2. HP Picture Book Commercial (2 versions!)


3. HP Out of the Picture Commercial

4. Gap Mellow Yellow Commercial

5. PC/Mac Cancel or Allow Commercial

6. PC/Mac Fatal Error Commercial

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7. PC/Mac Webcam Commercial

8. Honda Cog Commercial (a Rube Goldberg machine)

9. Target Good Buy Hello Commercial

10. Target "Less" Commercial

11. Folgers 80s Christmas Commercial

12. Hershey Kiss Christmas Commercial

13. Lost in Translation (I hadn't seen this one, but I found it online and it cracked me up!)

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Pretty Life Online said...

Happy TT! I have an awards waiting for you in my site, hope you get time to visit!

K. said...

I LOVE commercials when they're well done. Great picks and a great list. I have a fondness for PC vs Mac, too.

Di said...

I am not very commercial savvy. First of all, I'm not a huge TV watcher. Second of all, if the TV is on, I'm usually doing something else during commercials. Third, if I watch TV, it's usually stuff I've taped on DVR, so I don't watch commercials. I feel like I am missing out on major pop culture!

Nicholas said...

I hardly ever see commercials these days because almost everything i watch is recorded and time shifted, Hooray for fast forward!