Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9: 13 Memories of Cherie

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we discovered today that Cherie's illness was caused by a brain tumor. There was pretty much nothing we could do other than let her go rather than prolong her suffering. Cherie is pretty much all that's on my mind, so here's another Thursday Thirteen tribute to her. I love her so much, and I'll miss her more than words can say!

Thirteen Memories of Michelle B's Cat Cherie

1. Cherie has a brush fetish. She loves to be brushed and if you won't take the time to brush her, she'll do it herself! She totally has brush radar; she can find a brush (human or kitty) anywhere you hide it. She even jumps on the bathroom counter just to rub on my hair brush.

2. Our dog, Bijou, used to beg to lick any dish once we finished eating. After we lost Bijou, Cherie took over the plate-licking duties. Now, she even tries to get at it before you finish eating (just like Bijou did!)

3. Cherie loves to eat Cheetos, potato chips, and popcorn. I'll never be able to eat any of those things without thinking of her!

4. She loves to lick things (people included)! She's the only cat I've known that loves to lick people. She even licks the catnip pillow we bought her one Christmas and it's loud enough to hear across the room.

5. She always tries to sit on any papers I'm working on (especially when I'm grading or doing lesson plans)!

6. She loves to sit with my mom and do puzzles. She brings my mom luck just by sitting with her.

7. She found a way to let herself into my bedroom at my parents house and she always busts in during the wee hours of the morning. She even busted in last weekend when she wasn't doing too well and hopped on the bed to curl up next to me.

8. She loves to sleep next to me on my bed when I'm at my parents house. In fact, sometimes, she gets right in my face and starts purring to get attention.

9. At Christmas, she loves trying to climb the Christmas tree (even without her front claws). I always say she thinks we brought a tree in the house just for her!

10. I remember the day I first met Cherie. We went to the shelter to adopt a cat and my mom and sister were drawn to the kittens, but I was drawn to Cherie. She was older (about 2 years old), but so sweet. When my mom went back to get one of the kittens a couple days later, they were all claimed, so she adopted Cherie instead. I'm so glad it worked out that way because my life just wouldn't be the same if Cherie hadn't been a part of it!

11. She gets so hyper sometimes. She'll run up and down the halls and when she gets really adventurous, she runs into the fireplace (behind the screen!)

12. If she thinks you're paying too much attention to anything other than her (like the computer!) she'll move right in front of it so she becomes the center of attention.

13. I'll miss cuddling with her the most. Of all the cats, she's the one who loves to sit on your lap or next to you and just cuddle and purr.

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MissMeliss said...

Losing a pet is devastating. I'm so sorry for what you're going through.

Briggie said...

i'm so sorry to hear of your loss. yes, they are "pets", but to me, they become family and are such a huge part of our lives. we have 2 "boys", Biskit and Handsome and i don't know how i will handle their eventual passing. take care and God bless.

Gattina said...

What a sweet TT, I only realized at the end that she is gone. I am so sorry for you it is awful to loose a cat who has shared your life for many years. I experienced it 3 times over 40 years but in my heart they are all still there.
It is true that cats usually don't leak people but now I have one 5 months old who does it ! I never had a cat like that. If you like to see her she is on my cat blog (my cats and funny stories)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your cat - that sucks

Rims said...

Its so touching to read about Cherie...I'm so sorry to hear about her...Take care and may god give you the strength to overcome it all...

Xakara said...

I'm sorry that you'll be losing a companion, it always devastating no matter how lightly other people take it.

At least you have so many memories to carry you through.

Strength and Blessings


Damozel said...

I am so sorry. My elderly cat became ill this summer, and I can't tell you how devastated I was. I realize that you have to learn how to deal with losing them in order to have them at all, but knowing this doesn't help at all when it happens.

Michelle B said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words. I'm doing a bit better today than I was yesterday. I'll always treasure the memories that I have. I keep thinking of more all the time!

Stacy~ said...

Oh Michelle, I didn't know. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. Cherie sounds like a very special pet, and I'm glad you had an much time with her as you did.

Belated happy birthday!