Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10: Places I'd Like to Visit

Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone! This marks my tenth TT:) I've traveled quite a bit, but I would definitely love to see more of the world. This week I decided to list 13 places I'd like to visit. Enjoy!

Thirteen Places Michelle B wants to visit

1. All the Hawaiian Islands (at once on a cruise!) One of my dream vacations is to cruise around the Hawaiian Islands stopping at each one for a visit. I've only been to Oahu so far.

2. The Matterhorn-- the one in Switzerland, not the one at Disneyland (I've seen that one). I've been to Switzerland, but I didn't make it to the Matterhorn, so I want to go back!

3. Italy. I've never been and I'd love to tour around the country some day.

4. Stonehenge. I've been fascinated by Stonehenge. I even did a speech on it for my 10th grade communications class!

5. Egypt. I'm fascinated by Ancient Egyptian civilization. My favorite class in college was Intro to Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. I was lucky enough to get to see the King Tut exhibit in Los Angeles when it was touring, but I'd love to go see the Pyramids and other places in person! My biggest worry is my safety because of things going on in the world today.

6. Scotland. There are a couple of reasons I'd love to go to Scotland. It's a beautiful place, and I'd love to meet Tony, one of my online friends that I've known now for over 6 years!

7. England. Yes, I'm listing England separately than Scotland:P I'd love to go see London one day as well Liverpool and other various places to visit friends I have spread throughout England. (And yes, I realize Stonehenge is in England, but there are different reasons for my wanting to visit each, so I decided to list them separately).

8. Ireland is another place I'd love to visit. I've heard such wonderful things about Ireland from friends who've had the chance to visit (other than weather issues from some).

9. Down Under (aka Australia & New Zealand). My entire family (except for me of course) went to Australia and New Zealand when I was a freshman in college with a school group. I felt so left out, but missing 2 weeks of school just wasn't going to work. I'd love to visit both places one day.

10. South Africa. In the 9th grade, we did a mock UN and I was the representative from South Africa. That was the year after Nelson Mandela was set free and so it was quite an interesting time. I also had a pen pal in Capetown growing up. I'd love to visit one day!

11. Machu Picchu in Peru. One of the things I longed to be growing up was an archaeologist/anthropologist. Discovering the mysteries of ancient civilizations sounds like such an intriguing job (though I'm well aware some of the day-to-day dig duties can be quite tedious). I've been fascinated with Machu Picchu for quite a while and would love to explore it!

12. Alaska is another place I'd love to visit (and take photos!) I'm not sure if I'd do it on a cruise or not though.

13. The other 27 US states (not counting Alaska) that I've never had the chance to visit. One of my goals in my life is to visit at least one city in all of the 50 states.
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Rasmenia said...

I love this list!

I can tell you from experience that Scotland, Ireland & England are sooooo worth it!

Egypt, Italy & South Africa are on my list of places to go, too - so much of the world to see, but so little time & money... *sigh*...but if you have any leftover, come here to France - lots of fun. ;)

Have a great Thursday. :)

Stacy~ said...

Wow, I think I want to visit every place on your list! Now if I only had the time...and the money.

I posted in the previous blog,but I wanted to say I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but I hope it was a great one!

Kate Davies said...

Great list! When are you leaving? I'll just get my passport updated, and I'm good to go!


Seriously, love the list. I've been a few of those places, but not all, and I'd love to visit any and all of them.

JO said...

I would love to see all of these places myself! happy TT!

Nicholas said...

Lots of places to go. You'll have fun.

Wolfie said...

Italy..!! Tat's the place I'll love to visit..!!

Michelle B said...

Thanks everyone!

Rasmenia, I was lucky enough to visit France once, so I left it off this list. It's definitely a place I'd like to visit again one day though.

Thanks for the belated birthday wishes, Stacy!