Wednesday, April 04, 2007

R2D2 Mailboxes!

Can you believe it's the 30 year anniversary of the first Star Wars movie? Wow, I'm getting old.

To celebrate the anniversary, the USPS is doing some cool things including issuing commemorative stamps, selling prepaid (of course!) Express Mail envelopes, and replacing some of the usual mailboxes with R2D2 mailboxes.

I haven't had much time to take photos recently. My hard drive is so full, I don't have much room for them on my computer anyway! After hearing about the R2D2 mailboxes, though, I just couldn't resist.

There are only 3 in the San Diego area and all are in busy areas, but I was able to get some photos without getting run over. The only down side is all the gunk in the background. Anyway, below are my photos from the Downtown mailbox and one of the Mission Valley ones.

I had more room to move at the Downtown location, but there were a lot of people walking by and then there was the homeless man camped out right across from it. Some of the Mission Valley shots are a bit distorted because I had to use my wide angle lens to avoid getting run over:P The lighting wasn't quite what I hoped for, but I had to work around my insane schedule.


Mission Valley

For information on locations of an R2D2 mailbox near you, you can check out these sites:

Article with Original List of Cities (San Diego isn't on this list, so who knows how accurate it is...)
Frappr Map with Actual Sightings
Other News Article
USPS Jedi Master Site


Jill said...

So cute, lol!

Anne said...

I knew about the stamps, but I hadn't known about the mailboxes! I am so stoked about those! Thanks for posting pictures so that I can enjoy them while I'm over here.

Felicia said...

They are cool! I can't wait to see/use the stamps too.

Felicia said...

P.S.: The one on my blog was the one at Hotel Circle.