Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mr. Fickett's 7th Grade English Class

So after posting about my love (ah, sarcasm) of English and the tear-filled poetry project, I started thinking more about Mr. Fickett’s 7th grade English class. He liked to challenge the class; so much so that it was a yearly ritual for each class to have t-shirts made proclaiming that we survived his class.

As I was thinking, another project from that class came to mind: the Mythology project. Now this one, I thoroughly enjoyed. While I may have had some frustration, I don’t recall any tears. Part of the project entailed acting out a myth in small groups in front of the class with costumes and props and everything. And then we each had to create our own original myth and the characters involved. I actually scanned my finished myth into the computer a few years back when I had access to a scanner. So I went back and re-read it just now and man, reading what I wrote 17 years ago sure did crack me up.

I’m embarrassed enough just reading it, so no, I won’t be posting it here (unless I have a moment of total insanity). It would need major revisions lol. But I did have some interesting thoughts while reading through it. First was, where the heck did I come up with the names I used?! Names like Flowrina, Ferminosa, King Menesta, and Indeus (and those are the least embarrassing of the names). The second thing I noticed was that the one woman in the story was a total control freak. She kept telling all the men what to do and they kept coming back to ask her what to do. Ah, the almighty woman! And finally, I realize I had a love of romance even back then; my myth ended with the hero and heroine falling in love and getting married. Of course going back to my second observation, the heroine pretty much told the hero that they were getting married and that was that LOL!

Oh, and did I mention that the “antagonist” in the story was a man-eating plant? LOL!

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Kelley said...

How funny. If you get brave, you should post it. I'd love to read it. I wrote some pretty funny things too when I was younger.