Sunday, April 27, 2008

New House Pictures!

I've been thinking about buying a house for a while now, and since I moved to Arizona, I can actually afford one! I started looking online back in January and got more serious in the last month. I've gone out looking the last 3 weekends, and last Sunday I found one I really liked.

It's a brand new, quick move-in home. The development is already built and just a few homes aren't sold, so there are some great bargains! And even better, I could literally walk to work if I wanted to (though with the heat here, I probably won't want to most days!)

After showing my parents (who were here visiting) the house and making sure they didn't think I was insane for choosing that one, I signed the paperwork yesterday!

Today we went by to take some pictures, and I thought I would share here at my blog!

It was a little bright when we went by, so the pictures aren't the best. Also, they may be a little distorted because I used my wide angle lens to get as much of the rooms in the pictures as possible.

I hope things go smoothly with the closing and escrow process and that I'll be moving in soon!

Front of the House

Back of the House

Backyard from 2 Angles

Entry way and front of Living Room/Dining Room area

The rest of the living room/dining room

The kitchen from the family room (no appliances yet)

The family room

The master bedroom (it has a bay window)

Master bathroom

Laundry room


Barb V. said...

Beautiful house, and brand new. It has to be very exciting for you. Big congrats!

Joni said...

Oh Michele, what a beautiful house you found! I'm so happy for you. I just love the round entryways (wished I could have had those when I got my house built, but the construction workers said those are sooo difficult to mold out, so we got stuck with the rectangle entryways that were included in the original houseplans we never got to look at - the model home we wanted our home to reflect had them) And I love your bay window and frosted bathroom window (which we never got either...LOL). Goodluck with your move-in. I can imagine how excited you are to make it yours! :-)

Jodi said...

I really like it! Good vibes for a speedy transaction and that it will be yours very soon!

Toni Blake said...

Wow, Michelle, what a great house! Congratuations!

Leslie said...

Congrats Michelle! How exciting!