Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13: PC-Mac Commercials

I figured there'd be a lot of Thanksgiving themed TT's this week, so I decided to be different:)

There's a new round of PC-Mac commercials going around on TV these days. They really crack me up, so I thought I'd post 13 of my favorites as found on YouTube. And yes, there are actually more than 13 PC-Mac commercials LOL!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving everyone:)

Thirteen of Michelle B's Favorite PC-Mac commercials

1. Error Messages

2. Give Up On Vista

3. Cancel or Allow

4. Surgery

5. Restart

6. Virus

7. Webcam

8. Accident

9. Genius

10. Boxer

11. Emo

12. Home Movie

13. Bloated

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Nicholas said...

I love those! I always enjoy them. Mind you, I still own a PC.

damozel said...

These were so AMAZING. I loved them. Then I went and looked at all the British ones (starring two guys from a comedy called "Peep Show"!) Check those'll love them. Some are the same but there is a definite British twist.

Michelle B said...

I still have a PC, too!

And I'll definitely have to check out the British ones, damozel:)

Linda R. Moore said...

* chuckle * Those were really good, weren't they?

Happy TT :)(Mine are linked below.)