Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Photography is a hobby of mine, so this week my Thursday Thirteen is 13 photos that I've taken!

Thirteen Photos I've Taken

1. I took this sunset photo the day after Christmas last year from my parents backyard.

2. In this picture, I'm looking up through the branches of a Coral Tree to the sky above.

3. The sky at sunset on a stormy summer day.

4. This white lily came from a condolence flower arrangement after my uncle passed away. I liked the contrast between the white lily and the blue sky.

5. A fall sunset (taken in 2004) from my parents backyard.

6. A close up of some thunder clouds taken last summer from outside my apartment in Claremont, CA.

7. Sunset over the foothills in Claremont, CA.

8. I noticed these reeds when I stopped to take a picture of something else. I ended up liking this shot better than the one I stopped for in the first place:)

9. The view of the sky through a gazebo roof. I liked the pattern against the sky.

10. Another fall sunset taken from my parents backyard.

11. A bird of paradise that appears to be crying.

12. This is one of my favorite sunset photos that I've taken. I took it after a storm in January 2005.

13. A butterfly as it stops to rest on the San Diego State University campus that I took one day between teaching my classes.

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Robin said...

Gorgeous photos..what kind of camera? Learning to play with my canon xti still..
really nice!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!!

Michelle B said...

Thanks, Laura and Robin!

Robin, I have a Canon Digital Rebel (an earlier version of the XTI). I bought it in 2004 and I love it! I'm hoping to get a telephoto zoom lens and a tripod soon, too:)

kailani said...

You do amazing work. My favorite is the thunder clouds.

Michelle B said...

Thanks Kailani! Clouds in general and storm clouds in particular fascinate me. I'm always looking at the sky at the clouds and taking photos:)

damozel said...

Those are some amazingly beautiful photos...the sunsets in particular struck me because of the intense colors and the mixtures of dark and radiant (not the usual banal sunsets). Beautiful flowers as well. Magnificent work. I used to do a lot of photography but when my camera went I gave it up. Your photos are pretty inspiring.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Gorgeous photos!

Robin said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by my blog this am..
I teach social work at our university here..intro to sw, sw research, sw policy, macro sw and meeting the needs of children
I will also be going full time for the first time this year..I am acting chair for our department!
Plus, did I mention that I also work at our dialysis unit here part time as the social worker..
and..I teach classes at our scrapbook store?
ha ha..I love to teach!

shiloh said...

oh those are some gorgeous pics.

Gabriella Hewitt said...

You have an eye for beauty.

Go showcase these in a gallery, lirary or in a local paper. People will appreciate the color of nature and the glory aroundthem. Seriously, share your vision with world.

Claremont, CA must be lovely.

Susan B. said...


Janet said...

You have some seriously beautiful photos there...great eye!

Michelle B said...

Thank you all for the kind comments:) I'm really going to miss the sunsets here when I move. And just to clarify, some of the pictures are from where I grew up (Bonita, CA) and others from where I went to grad school (Claremont, CA). They're both in Southern California but Bonita is a suburb of San Diego and Claremont is outside Los Angeles.

Stacy~ said...

Michelle, I love them! Having been lucky enough to get one of your calendars, I can vouch and say they are even more gorgeous. My favorite one here is the lily. Very vibrant.

Barbara said...

Love the pictures. I think I like the clouds the best

Mailyn said...

Love the pics as usual. Oh and thanks for the cards and the calendars!!!! GORGEOUS. My mom loved them as well. ^__^

Michelle B said...

Thanks Stacy! I'm glad you're enjoying the calendar:)

And thanks for stopping by Barbara! Clouds fascinate me:)

Mailyn, I'm so glad that you and your mom are enjoying the calendars and postcards. Thanks for stopping by.