Friday, October 27, 2006

Video of My Sister Singing!

Tis me again! I haven't had a chance to sort through all my photos, but I do have something to share:)

My sister and I were both in show choir in high school. I sing in the car for fun, but she's continued to sing at various functions through college and now even afterwards! She's been working with a song-writer for the last 8 months in Boston and they've been performing at various small venues lately.

One of the places with open mic night video taped one of their performances so I thought I'd post it here for everyone to enjoy:)

They also recorded a 5 song CD which is supposed they're going to start selling soon. Anyway, here is the video...


Kelley said...

Thank you for sharing that. She has a beautiful voice and that was a wonderful song.

Mailyn said...

Oh she's so pretty! And she has a very nice voice. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

oh, that was wonderful, thank you for sharing.

michelle hoppe